November 11, 2019

End of tenancy cleaning

End of Tenancy Cleaning Services London

End of tenancy cleaning London End of Tenancy Cleaning, If you are moving out from rented property and looking for a professional cleaners to do the job for you use our End of tenancy cleaning London.service

Our End of tenancy cleaning LONDON Specialist are specialized in performing the best tenancy cleaning and making your old property ready for the new tenants to move in. We have been working with many estate agents in London and have gained the experience of understanding what professional Cleaning means to us.

Cleaning and sweeping polishing all cupboards and drawers, remove stains, marks and dirt
Clean the fridge and freezer from both side (inside and outside)
Clean the oven racks inside and out, clean the grills and oven dish and whole interiors and exteriors
Clean the microwave interior and exteriors, remove stains and marks, dirt where possible
Clean and wash all tops and surfaces, polish and scrubbing from inside and outside where necessary
Clean the extractor over the cooker,
Clean and wash the sink, remove limescale disinfect and polishing in best way
Clean and wipe the door, remove marks and finger prints, polishing if it is required
Dust lamp shape and light switches, boards
Hoovering and mop the floor (if not carpeted), applying some handy tips for best results
Clean and disinfect toilet seat inside and out, toilet bowl inside and out, polishing if required
Clean and wash the counter area, bathtub(shower cabin), polishing the tabs
Clean and wash the tiles and between the tiles, remove limescale, tough marks etc
Cleaning and Polishing mirrors and glasses, if required can be replaced
Clean the cabinets inside and out (if there are any), sink, polish the taps
Hoovering and mop the floor, with suitable chemicals and detergent
Clean and dust the fan (if possible)
Clean and wipe the door, remove tough marks and stains
Clean and wipe wardrobes and chest drawers inside and out, cabinets, shelves if there
Dust and polish all tops and surfaces covering all areas of surfaces
Wipe picture frames, blinds and shades and lamp shapes,
Clean and wiping architraves ,skirting boards and picture rail
Clean and wipe light switches, boards remove marks, finger prints and dirt
Hoovering and mop the floor where necessary with suitable detergent and chemicals
Hallway and Stair Case,banisters cleaning
Clean and wipe down doors and the door frame
Clean and wiping architraves, skirting boards, interior timber molding
Clean and wiping stairs banisters and radiators
Dust picture frames and lamp shapes, blinds and shades
Clean and wipe light switches, remove finger prints and dirt
Cleaning of blinds and shades, the windows inside only, clean window frames and window sills
Living Room and Dinner
Clean and wiping door lining , down doors and the door frame
Any furniture outside only – inside on request and additional time may require to take the belongings out and place them in after cleaning them
Any sofas will be vacuumed, the cushions will be lifted and vacuum underneath
Move any furniture (if possible), vacuum underneath and behind
Clean and wipe skirting boards, timers and sheet materials , architraves
Clean and wiping stairs banisters and radiators
Dust picture frames and lamp shapes etc
Clean and wipe light switches, boards and remove finger prints, marks and dirt
All Rooms
Clean and wiping skirting boards, architraves
Dust picture frames and wall hangings
Clean and wash the doors, doors lining and the door frames, clean and polish the handle of the doors if required
Dust lamp shapes
Clean and wipe light boards switches, remove marks finger prints and dirt
Dust and wipe window blinds and window shades
Clean and polish picture rails and stair banisters
Clean around fireplace and radiators
Polish and cleaning mirrors and glass
Dusting throughout, including: light switches light fittings and shades, skirting, curtain rails, wall pictures, mirrors, fire surround and radiators.
All furniture to be moved and cleaned , carpets are properly vacuumed with our mechanized apparatuses and utensils
Bed , cushion Mattresses to be lifted and vacuumed under.
We remove cobwebs, pay more attention specially when old and dusty
We make sure that all the floors are properly cleaned and washed.
All glass (furniture tops, mirrors, picture frames etc) to be cleaned carefully with sprays and suitable chemicals…
Windows to be cleaned thoroughly. Windows sills to be wiped down. With extra precautions
All doors are cleaned and polished on demand, doorknobs are polished too.
Drawers and shelves to be cleared of any, garbage junk (newspapers, magazines and unused things etc.) and telephone directories to be kept and stored neatly.
Upholstery vacuumed, also couches lifted and cleaned underneath.
All wooden furniture in bedrooms, lounges, dining rooms are cleaned with chemicals and vacuums.
At A2Z Cleaners we can do a proper in house pre/post-tenancy cleaning in a matter of few hours, leaving your place clean and green just the way you want it to be.

Our End of tenancy cleaning London is performed by a dedicated team of Cleaners who are specially trained for the job.
Our team is selected after a vigorous background check and then after weeks of training they are ready to serve you under the banner of our privileged company.

Not just that our people are equipped with mechanised apparatuses and chemicals that sweep away dust from every corner of your house.

The chemicals that we use are ozone friendly but yet readily clean the tiles, washrooms, toilets etc. Call us right away and a team of our skilled staff will turn you at your doorstep in just no time.

Our Tenancy cleaning Guaranteed to meet the standard of the estate agent
End of tenancy cleaning London service We comprehend how important for you is to have the place cleaned and checked and we are well aware of the requirements for inventory checkouts.

Our service is fully licensed and we have worked with both the landlords and the estate agents.

We have created a checklist reflecting the cleanliness needs and standards required by our clients and we make sure that you get a service that you want to experience yet one more time.

Call us for end of tenancy cleaning London service and we will make sure that every corner of your property will be skilfully cleaned and polished by our team.

Our skilled team will clean and yet polish each corner of your house in lesser time than any other service providers can claim to do.

If you won’t feel our service to be satisfactory you can always call us back and we will re do the whole end of tenancy cleaning for free.

Prepare Team of Tenancy Cleaners at your door step
end of tenancy cleaning london. Our Cleaners will clean all kitchen appliances, bathrooms, paintwork and woodwork, windows from inside, etc.

Your bathrooms will sparkle, your tiles will be as clean as new, taps, cabinets, toilets, drawers, garden, garages all in all everything will be cleaned by our staff in no time.

Our competitive edge is the quality of our service. We priorities our customers on the top and cater to their needs. We work efficiently and effectively and there are no complaints. Our price is reasonable too.

As a supplementary service to end of tenancy cleaning we also provide loading trucks that can take your belongings from one place to another. We can also provide you with help that can manage and decorate your new place just the way you want.

As a whole we perform the following tasks while cleaning your lodging:

End of tenancy cleaning London
See our end of tenancy prices here or you many take the advantage of booking online.